Torn Labrum-Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery

Torn Labrum

Shoulder Labrum Tear

Torn Labrum is not what you would describe as a “gut it out through the pain” injury, but it is more like a loss of strength type of injury.  Personally I have not suffered such a labrum tear injury myself, but from what I have read the telling signs of this pain whenever you move your head towards your arm and armpit is somewhat close to my recent experience of 5 levels of lumbar discectomy. Believe me it is not something you would like to have.

The fact is that a labrum tear is a shoulder problem that usually accompanies a terrible sharp pain. Either if the surgery was to make the shoulder a little tighter or to remedy a labrum tear, such a torn shoulder surgery is taken very seriously since the time taken to recover from it is really long.  If you are about to undergo such a surgery you may like to know that the first thing that is done before this joint operation can take place is an arthroscopy.The medical term is called ‘arthroscopic shoulder surgery’.

Labral Tear Causes

The main cause of such tears usually starts from an injury. Such an injury to the meniscus is very common especially during some rough sports or games most people play, and the person suddenly twisted his knee and the pivoting, and acceleration causes your cartilage to tear.  When such an injury takes place it can affect any of your ligaments, knee bursae, or maybe the tendons that surround your knee joint or shoulder tendons. These tears often happen due to a direct injury to the tissue of the joint area, for example when you accidentally fall and landed on your hand.  Another example would be when you somehow overused the joint.

Such labral tears arising from the front-bottom section of the glenoid usually happens when the shoulder is dislocated.  These labral tears often become bigger over some time, and it is common to experience shoulder clicking for such tears.  Such a tear is usually found just below or above the glenoid socket.  A labral tear found below the middle of the socket usually gives rise to the joint instability.  Labrum tears close to the biceps tendon would usually require reattachment surgery to the top of the socket.  Labrum tears from the front-top section comes from the long head of the biceps or ligaments that are sometimes known as superior or middle glenohumeral ligaments.

For a case of symptomatic tears, doctors always recommend a labral tear surgery for this.  You may want to know that such an operation is not something you would like, so if you can avoid it or recover without one, that would be better.  This kind of surgery has a very high success rate and gives you free of any repeat subluxations and arm dislocations but importantly removes further pain suffered by you.  Doctors call this surgery an arthroscopical procedure or an arthroscopic shoulder surgery.  An operation carried out to repair a labral tear has high success rate to as much as 95 percent, from what surgeons reported recently.  As we said earlier an arthroscope will be carried out before this joint surgery can take place for the patient.  Most people try to avoid such a labral tear surgery because it requires a lot of time to recover.  The primary aim of a surgery done to correct a torn cartilage is to help this part of the body resume normal function and become more stable again.

Labral Tear Surgery

A labral tear usually causes the patient lots of pain in the area or shoulder dislocations , and it prevents your arm functioning normally.  After going through anthroscopic surgery to fix a labrum tear, the patient is usually advised to refrain from too much movements by wearing an arm sling.  The right treatment of a labral tear depends largely on the specific type of tear.  Most cases of labral tears do not need a surgery unless the patient experiences very persistent labrum tear symptoms and after other unsuccessful treatments, then surgery is recommended.

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